Review from Una August 09

Just back from my two night hen party in Carrick On Shannon!… What a weekend… brilliant time from start to finish!!. I heard about Carrick Holiday Homes from a girl at work and thought it would be ideal… as it was close to the town (1min walk) and most importantly it was cheap!.. as most girls were attending both nights I didn’t want them spending lots of money on expensive hotel. I booked the house that sleeps 8 people for Friday and Saturday night and booked the house that sleeps 6 just for the Saturday night. Couldn’t believe how close the second house was… literally at the back door!
Most girls coming knew about 2 or 3 and didn’t know the others so was worried they wouldnt mix.. but bit hard NOT to mix with this set up!… Everyone gathered around in the sitting room in the big house… got the crack going.. everyone got to mingle with people they didn’t know and that meant everyone was really relaxed for the wkend… and was really easy to chat to people. When we got back from the night out we all met in the sitting room again.. had the chats and had karoke till the early morning!
Both mornings we cooked a big fry.. Put all food in centre of table and everyone helped themselves!… Was really relaxed.. Could sit around sitting room eating our frys in our pjs! 🙂
Would really recommend carrick holiday homes to anyone!!!..

Oh wish I was going back this wkend! 🙁